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Temple Law Student Competes on Jeopardy

Television viewers settling in to watch the popular game show Jeopardy on Wednesday, November 27th were treated to a nailbiter that pitted first year Temple Law student Shanna Lafferty against two other contestants.  The contest, which went down to the wire, saw Lafferty eventually place second - a result she was more than happy with. "I think that the game went as well as I would have liked; I'm very happy with the outcome," said Lafferty in an interview for her hometown paper, The Berks-Mont News.

Lafferty has been determined to appear on Jeopardy for years, taking the online test regularly until she was invited after her last attempt to audition in New York City. She passed, and flew to Los Angeles in September to compete.  Along the way, she says she tried to prepare simply by reading as much as she could. ""It's hard because you don't know what they're going to ask you," Lafferty told her hometown paper. In terms of question content, she says her areas of strength include literature, art, movies and history.

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